I was born “on the nose of Christmas Day”, as my mother’s doctor put it meaning noon, or “in plenty of time for lunch” as my mother put it – lunch in India being served at about four o’clock, allowing plenty of time for pink gins while the suckling pig roasted. I appeared at 12.23 and I’ve been thinking about food ever since.

Now, as a freelance working from home, lunch is a hugely important part of the day – alleviating boredom, adding colour, changing pace, time to think. On a dysfunctional day (a late start, getting lost in a piece of writing – fine tuning a sentence, not wanting to stop the flow – or, more likely, indulging in displacement activities) it might happen at four o’clock. On one of my better days, I’m in the kitchen preparing it to The Archers.

This blog started out as a food blog – recipes for lunches – but it’s developing into a blog about freelance life. Well, my freelance life. Dysfunctional. Rebellious. Untypical (or maybe not?). With lunch featuring somewhere in each blog just as it does in my day – haphazardly but greedily. I hope you’ll share it with me.


Joanna Biddolph


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    I’m going to enjoy this, Jo. I promise not to give nutritional feedback. Must buy an alphonso mango. Jo

    • 2

      Thank you! I think it would be fun to have nutritional feedback so speak out! Be sure you check every Alphonso before you buy. If it is even slightly squidgy, in part or in whole, it’s too ripe or bad. And buy more than one – in case the one you buy is dodgy. Andreas or Darren at A&G will treat you well so ask them to choose for you. I buy them in boxes of 12. V naughty – but I share. I do. Really. Jo

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